Sim® Silaj

Liquid starter culture for forage


Each 1 Liter contains Bacillus subtilis KUEN 1581


Silage inoculant

Sim Silaj, effects & Benefits:

  • Low pH and high levels of Lactic acid prevent the forage from becoming
    contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and minimize dry matter losses.
  • Less dry matter losses ensure a higher degree of forage utilization.
  • Inoculants increase the digestibility and feed conversion of forage and improve
    following performance parameters: Weight gain, Milk yield, Feed conversion.
  • Bacillus subtilis spores shorten the silage fermentation time by sprouting rapidly.
  • Lower the pH and continue their activity even at low pH values.
  • Standardized, guaranteed, and quality forage is the end product.

Starter cultures for silage

Bacillus inoculants are used to improve the fermentation, to minimize forage losses, and increase the animals yield performance. According to results of about 1550 independent research projects carried out in North America and Europe, inoculated silage has improved in comparison ton on-treated silage in the following parameters is: Lower pH values, Less dry matter losses, Less ammonia, More lactic acid. Sim Silaj is a pure, natural Bacillus subtilis strain, solated from forage

Dose and application

Sim Silaj is in liquid form and can be directly applied on silage It can be
applied either during the grinding of the silage or at the time of filling up the silo.

Sim Silaj is to be diluted at least 1: 10 with water or more to achieve an evenly spraying.
Used to inoculate 4-5 tons of maize silage or 2 tons of clover or grass silage.