Sim® NutriMa



  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Carrier Calcium carbonate

Yeasts have been used for over 50 years as a feed additive for dairy cows and beef cattle. Live yeast’s appetite triggering properties and the consequent weight gain is well known. Yeast is anaerobic. Therefore, it can live in the rumen and is able to regulate acidity and increase the absorption of minerals (i.e. Mg, Ca, Cu, K, Zn, Mn, Fe). In addition, the enzymes contained in the yeast aid in breaking down the food faster and increase feed conversion (amylase, lipase, protease). The Beta-Glucane contained in the yeast cell wail trigger the immune system.


  • Increases milk production
  • Enhances milk quality; protein and fat content increases
  • Increases the feed conversion rate
  • Faster weight gain in young calves
  • Faster formation of the gut and rumen flora
  • Increases the reproductive capacity of cows
  • Healthier herds through boosted immune systems

Sim NutriMa is produced from a pure and natural baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and a Bacillus subtilis strain, and dried guaranteeing a high activity.

Sim NutriMa is suitable for organic production of agricultural products according to Council Regulation (2092/91 EEC). Production process and content is according to the Council Directive (70/524 EEC) concerning additives in feeding-stuffs.


For cows daily 10-20 g per animal or 1 kg per ton concentrated feed

Storage and shelf life

Keep in the original packaging in a cool and dry room (max. 25°C) suitable to store feedstuff. Don’t expose to the sun.
Best before 1 year after production.