care for cow

How to care for cows in Monsoon Season

During monsoon season, humidity raises various problems such as stress, injury, infectious diseases, parasites, etc.

  • Cows in damp conditions are likely to pick up teat diseases.
  • Cows require quality feed, because of their increasing demands for energy. They burn energy at a higher rate when trying to adjust to the rainy conditions and maintaining a positive energy balance.

Quality feed means less moisture, no moulds, rich in balance nutrition, and no alfatoxin (fungi in fodder).

Other hygiene requirements:

  • After milking, the teats are dipped in a teat dip and dried.
  • Cows’ rest area should be dry with no mosquitos.
  • Mud and manure in the housing and open lots has to be reduced.
  • Drainages must remain clean.
  • The barn should have boundaries to protect in coming rainwater.
  • Feed storage must remain dry.